Family legacy video

Family Legacy Video

Filmed interviews of family members take place in the comfort of the home and are conducted conversation style. High-end professional video, lighting and sound equipment is used throughout.

A full day (8 hours) of filmed interviews with several family members, touching on the family history with a more in-depth review of their life story and your families past,  from early childhood up to the present day.

• Interviews are edited into a captivating, video memoir, using music and family photos to emphasize and illustrate the interviewee’s commentary.
• Up to 50 family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia are woven throughout.
• Titles, music* and more, added throughout.

Family Receives
A beautiful “moving family film” capturing your family’s history and memories.

• 8 Flash-drives.
• Movie available for unlimited file downloads for 1 year.

*Also, through our partnership with we can create a personalized website for the film and any additional documents, photos, etc. (this is done for an additional price)

Family History Video Package: Contact us  for a  Quote*

* Prices reflect filming in one day, in one location, with one camera. Additional cameras/crew, interviews, locations, hours, travel, Flash-drives can be added to Video Biography Packages.
* Music – is stock music. Anything outside our stock library will be additional, based upon the request.

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